Wrapping Paper, 30 pack

Vibrant design Wrapping paper

There are 10 packets of 3 paper that are individually wrapped (as in 3 per pack x 10) in this order.

Stand out with our A2 wrapping paper. It is perfect for Christmas, birthdays of all ages, anniversaries, congratulations and any other celebrations. It even works for get well gifts, adding a little extra colour to someone's day!

Our wrapping paper is 594mm by 420mm (A2) and will suit any gift you are going to give. We have used geometric shapes and bright colours to help you celebrate any occasion in unique and colourful way. You receive 1 design, but 30 pieces of A2 paper that is sized to roughly cover 18-21 gifts.

The bulk buying is perfect for a shop or someone that has heaps of wrapping to do. :)

This bright and colourful wrapping paper is perfect on every gift, for everyone. Make your day that little more special with a present that stands out from the crowd!

Wrapping Paper, 30 pack: 1 style, 30 for $49.50

Complete A2 design unfolded

Wrapping Paper, 30 pack

30 for $49.50
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